Simple solution for CT-guided interventions

Minimal invasive interventional techniques have an important role in diagnosing and treating diseases

CT guided minimal invasive procedures can be time consuming, without real-time feedback of the needle position precision and safety are also concerned.

Benefits of SULA


Less complication by offering real-time monitoring of the needle angulation so critical structures and unnecessary needle reposition can be avoided

Lower radiation

Helps decrease radiation exposure to patients by reducing the need for control CT scans


Keeping needle on the pre-planned trajectory makes the procedure faster that helps health care providers improve room turnover time

Minimal disruption

Quick, non-disruptive install and setup, seamlesss integration into the usual workflow


Allows for more precise targeting of deep and small target lesions by giving continuous feedback of the needle trajectory


Attached to the needle, compact, transportable, no need for excessive equipment, room layout is not affected

Supports safer and faster CT-guided interventional procedures with high accuracy

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